Martial Arts In Cedar Hill

This is the House of Courage where we know that martial arts in Cedar Hill, TX can make people better, but we want to do that in the way God wants us to be better people. We teach a Christian Martial Art system called Shinja Yuuki Ryu. The name translates to the school of Christian Courage. Shinja Yuuki Ryu is grounded in God’s word using scriptures and community service in every rank advancement.

Christian Martial Arts

Your child will not only learn and grow physically becoming capable of defending themselves and others, but they will grow in God’s word and serving others. Our goal is to not only make martial arts in Cedar Hill, Texas spiritually safe for Christians, but to be in this world and not of it. There is a way to teach martial arts without incorporating the eastern philosophies often associated with it.

Karate for Kids in Cedar Hill, TX

Our Courageous Cubs karate classes for kids in Cedar Hill, TX for our 4-6 year old kids focuses on their fundamental motor skills. With challenging drills and games your child will learn and grow in those areas that they need the most: Focus, Teamwork, Balance, Memory, Control, Fitness, Discipline and Coordination. If they are not in school yet this are the skills that will help them get accustomed to the rules easier. If they are already in school then this will help enforce those traits or help them learn the ones the new work on. They will learn karate moves such as blocking, kicking and punching. They will learn to put punches, kicks and blocks together but we DO NOT have the kids fight each other. They will also learn important stranger danger tactics as well as starting and ending each class with prayer. I always enjoy listening to one of the kids saying the closing prayer and hearing the impression God is having on their lives.

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At the House of Courage we want you to come in and try the classes out first without feeling pressured. We want you to see if this type of Christian martial art in Cedar Hill, Texas is what you are looking for and if it is the right fit for you or your child.  4 Week Trial classes can include Adult Programs, Youth Classes or our Courageous Cubs. Be Strong and Courageous at House of Courage Karate contact us today!
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