Jr. Black belts AJ shake Val shake

Wow! Congratulations to our two students, Adam and Valaree for achieving their Jr. Black belt in Neshamat Elohim. What a great day it was for the House of Courage karate and seeing these two warriors of God show us what they have been training for, in the past almost 3 years.

We were honored to have on our testing board Mr. Rodney Bull and David Graves from Vital Martial Arts and Fitness, and Pastor Don Lunceford. 

The test started at 10am with a 1 mile run followed by 50 pushups, 20 knuckle pushups, 70 sit-ups and 30 burpees. They were then tested on their basics, self defense, grappling, bo basics and bo contact drills, nunchuku basics, katas and sparring. After all that they recited Matt 25:31-46. This is part of the spiritual side of this art where they have Bible studies and papers to write and then community service hours needed. 

We are so proud of what Adam and Valaree have accomplished and we look forward to great things with them in our school. Now it is on towards their Adult Black Belt in Shinja Buke Ryu.