This week at the House of Courage we worked mainly on


  • the ability to use different parts of the body together smoothly and efficiently.
    “changing from one foot position to another requires coordination and balance”

As we all know, footwork is essential in having a good sparring game in martial arts. The goal of these drills is to get the students moving quickly rather than ‘scooting’ over. When doing these drills we were focusing mainly on the footwork and body positioning while doing so. With 2 disc cones on the floor spaced apart according to the size of the students, they ran in place and when I said ‘Go’ they were to step over with their leading leg to the center and continue running and the same to the other side of the second cone. We then adding kick when they were only in the center of the cones. This drill also working on their reaction time when I said go to move and when they reached the center they had to kick with fluidity.

The next drill was to have them make a ‘figure 8’ around the two cones while keeping the body and eyes front as if they were sparring an opponent. And then, you guessed it, we added kicks when they came around at a certain point. Now I know this is not how it’s going to play out when they are actually sparring but it got them thinking about where their feet were and where they needed to be in order to do their kicks.

The last drill we had them do was with a hoola hoop on the floor. With two students on each hoop standing across from each other they were to do fast feet stepping one at a time in and out. So it was in, in, out, out…This is harder than it looks for some students and again it gets them thinking about what their feet are doing. To add something to this drill I had them doing the feet in and out while moving in either clockwise or counter-clockwise. They needed to stay away from the other student in doing this too.

This was a great drill for footwork and it also produced a pretty good sweat on them. The parents were happy that they were tired out before going home. As a parent I know the appreciation of that.

Be Strong and Courageous!

The drills that I used were pulled from Awesome Karate Drills which I am thoroughly enjoying for my school planning.