This coming Saturday we will be holding another Youth Belt Promotion. Our first class with our White – Green belts (10th – 7th kyu) is just about at capacity and we have found that when we don’t pretest everyone it tends to be quite chaotic. So what we will be doing this week is looking at everyone’s basics that they have learned over the months as well as the new and giving them a grade on their sheet that will be used during the promotion this Saturday.

What this is going to do for us, as well as the students, is keep the test from lasting too long, especially for a lower rank test. We want to focus on the new requirements that they are learning for the test and if they haven’t gotten better at their previous requirements then they should not be testing anyway. We are not looking to test anyone that is not ready. It is no fun failing a student because they were just not prepared.

So this week we will be going over all the basic requirements for each rank and then making sure they have the corresponding colored stripe. A promotion day should be one of displaying what they have learned new.