Our Mission

This is a Christian Martial Art System and not just Christians doing martial arts. Our mission to teach martial arts in Cedar Hill, Tx is to not only make martial arts spiritually safe for Christians, but to make them stronger physically by training them in the Christian Martial Art of Shinja Yuuki Ryu. By blending more than one style of martial arts together you will have a more rounded understanding of how to defend yourself or someone else. When we offer martial arts training in Cedar Hill, Texas we focus on all aspects of a Christian Martial Artist’s life and becoming a servant to the people of our community.

We will do this by:

  • To put God first in all things we do.
  • To provide each student with the foundation for learning martial arts and how to use that in a Christ-like manner.
  • To focus on the strength and courage needed for success in our life as a Child of God and as a martial artist.
  • To instill love and respect for God, family, country and community.
  • To provide a way for each student to achieve a higher level of mental and physical fitness.
  • To teach all ages to train hard & be patient as they learn techniques for each rank. This is not a crash course but rather a new walk.
  • To give our students the ability to defend themselves and those who can’t.

Tell Me More About Christian Martial Arts!

What a huge help karate is!

Thank you! Timothy is really loving karate. He is steady practicing at home and we are really enjoying watching him. He was really needing a confidence boost because too often he second guesses himself even when he knows the right answers. It's like he's afraid of...

Strong Confidence

Mr. Skelton!!!!!      than’s speech therapist called me today to tell me that over the last 6 weeks he has tested OUT of speech therapy! He has surpassed the minimum criteria so much that he no longer is qualified for the services! Meaning, he has improved so much he...

A Head Start in Life

Thank you to 2 of the most genuine people I have met. They are so patient yet firm with the kids. If you are looking for a disciplined caring environment for your child to grow, look up House of courage or David Skelton. You and Sydney are magnificent. Mrs. Samuel

A True Blessing

“Our son has benefited immensely from being in karate at House of Courage! Since we started the program six months ago, his focus and self-esteem have improved GREATLY. We have seen the benefits of karate in helping our son focus in class, life, and other sports as...

Improved Focus

Oh my goodness, if I told you exactly how much the kids love coming to karate it would take all day to read the email! It is really helping Ethan (who has Autism) tremendously, he is very sensitive and gets really upset when he is corrected so when you redirected him...

Very Impressed

My wife, 3 boys, and I have been part of the House of Courage for the last few months. We are very impressed and pleased with David and Sydney’s karate instruction that is under-girded by biblical principles and philosophy. We look forward to continuing our martial...