Courage Combat is a form of self-defense, which combines police, military, Kenpo and Jiu-jitsu techniques. We also concentrate on many psychological and verbal combat tactics, as they will relate to self-defense.


People of any size, strength and background can benefit from this system. You will learn how to utilize anatomical knowledge that we will teach you as well as mental conditioning to control and subdue an attacker.


Everything that is taught in this system has a real function and purpose to how you will use it in a given situation. We will get you to work through your mental barriers so you can function when the situation becomes critical. You will be training in a highly structured and safe environment utilizing scenarios, drills as well as a variety of defensive and offensive tactics.


When a stranger confronts someone, people who are not physically and mentally conditioned can suffer from paralyzing fear. Fear can be good and it tells you something is wrong, but we will teach you how to work through that fear to be able to overcome your confrontation.


Self-defense is not always fighting. It could very well be running away. Either way, it is being able to keep your wits about you in a frightening situation and knowing what to do to survive. And by understanding all we can about avoiding conflict, we will be able to reduce our chance of ever getting into a fight.


We will always try to talk our way out of a bad situation, but we know that is not always possible. Because of this you will learn reality-based  tactics that will be invaluable to you.


Self-defense is a survival skill like CPR or First Aid. This is totally different from a martial art although we will be using martial art techniques. We want to give you the tools you will need when you are confronted with a situation that increase your odds of surviving.


The techniques you will be learning are: strikes, escapes, awareness, verbal skills, physical and mental conditioning.


You do not need prior training to take advantage of this system. If you do have prior training it will just add to it but this is really designed for those people that have no experience at all.

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