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At the House of Courage we want you to come in and try the classes out first without feeling pressured. We want you to see if this type of Christian martial art in Cedar Hill, Texas is what you are looking for and if it is the right fit for you or your child.  4 Week Trial classes can include Adult Programs, Youth Classes or our Courageous Cubs. Be Strong and Courageous at House of Courage Karate contact us today!
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Courageous Cubs

The primary focus in our Courageous Cubs martial arts for kids program is to develop your child’s fundamental skills creating a foundation to build upon in their later years. Therefore we teach very few martial art fighting skills that you will see in our Youth program. Instead we focus on the skills your child will need before entering those future classes. But these skills will also benefit them greatly in school and home. Courageous Cubs will:

  • Learn to Share
  • Encourage Socialization
  • Follow Directions & Problem Solve
  • Promote Physical Strength
  • Promote Stamina & Coordination
  • Build Fundamental Motor Skills
  • Demonstrate Responsibility
  • Develop Speech
  • Show Self-Control
  • Act Respectfully