4th Annual HOC Awards Banquet

December 2 will be hosting our 4th Annual Awards banquet at the House of Courage karate! This is a great time of fellowship and food that we look forward to every year now. After we have enjoyed some good food and fellowship we will all gather for the presentation of... read more

Upcoming Youth Promotion

This coming Saturday we will be holding another Youth Belt Promotion. Our first class with our White – Green belts (10th – 7th kyu) is just about at capacity and we have found that when we don’t pretest everyone it tends to be quite chaotic. So what... read more

New Year/New Website

It’s 2016! Can you believe it?! Along with a new year the House of Courage is taking on a new look with our website. Let me know what you think. We won’t be changing what we are teaching our students which is Christian Martial Arts! I believe we have... read more