This is our adult martial art in Cedar Hill, Tx. If you are looking to practice martial arts as a sport or are looking to become involved in cage or octagon blood matches then you will be disappointed with what we will teach you at Shinja Yuuki Ryu of Cedar Hill, Texas. Our mission is to teach motivated students how to protect themselves and/or their loved ones if ever attacked by any person(s) in this violent world in which we find ourselves today. The student will spend their time working on devastating self-defense techniques. The student will learn how to defend against many types of weapons as well as use them if it necessary to defend ones life. In the true sense of the meaning of Mixed Martial Arts or perhaps better described as a “Blended Martial Art” (BMA) as we use many different defensive techniques from many other styles such as Kenpo, Hapkido, Jiu Jitsu, and judo as well as techniques specifically unique to the Shinja Yuuki Ryu system itself. The instructors are committed Christians who believe in the sanctity of human life. No student is ever encouraged to engage in a fight for the sake of testing ones skill or provoke a confrontation. In fact, our students are instructed to disengage through self-discipline unless they or another innocent person is aggressively pursued or attacked at which time they have the right to use justifiable and reasonable force based upon whatever situation they are confronted with. The concept of blending denotes passing gradually or imperceptibly into each other. Something that goes well together; harmonizing. In M. John Enger’s opinion, often times certain martial art techniques just simply don’t blend well together. He has found in his own experience that transitioning from one to the other is far too often difficult and just doesn’t quite harmonize. The chameleon is a very good example of being able to blend into its surroundings. Your instructor thoroughly believes that one must absolutely master the basics of simple kicks and punches in order to effectually master the advanced self-defense techniques and blend them into an effective and devastating style of combat self defense that will work on the deadly streets of America and abroad. Shinja Yuuki Ryu also focuses strongly on the verbal, psychological and the physical techniques to staying alive.
KEEPING IT SIMPLE There are some who may say that the techniques of Shinja Buke Ryu Kenpo are “too simplistic” in nature and do not match up to a “traditional kenpo karate black belt program”. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! That is exactly what Master Enger set out to accomplish and this is exactly how your instructor was trained. This is a self defense system without multiple steps to execute the technique. If anyone looking for a system of defense or martial art with multiple steps to stop your attacker, then Shinja Buke Ryu Kenpo won’t meet your needs. Being physically attacked is not pretty, nor should be defending yourself! Your instructor believes the fewer the steps taken to incapacitate your attacker, the quicker it will end without giving your attacker more time to injure or kill you. The techniques are given no “specific name” as it is quite obvious as what one is defending against. There is a whole array of self defense systems and martial arts programs in the world. You can learn something from each one of them. If anyone advises you they are the “Supreme Grandmaster” of the only “legitimate self-defense program” or “martial arts combat system” there is, then these individuals are in your instructor’s opinion either arrogant and/or simply ignorant about the truth of what real combat entails. There is no “end all” or “be all” system in the world of self defense or martial arts — and yes, that includes Shinja Buke Ryu Kenpo. The techniques in the Shinja Buke Ryu Kenpo system work! Master Enger used many of them while he was in law enforcement, corrections and security. It has been wisely said that “A MAN WITH AN ARGUMENT IS NEVER AT THE MERCY OF A MAN WITH AN EXPERIENCE.”