Youth Martial Arts

Parents often struggle to find the perfect activity that they can involve their children in. Though there are plenty of great programs out there that offer their share of benefits, many parents seem to overlook one of the most influential and beneficial activities that they can involve their child in: youth karate or other forms of martial arts. Martial arts for kids in Cedar Hill, Tx can be a great way to help your child become active while learning or improving qualities like self discipline, respect, and self confidence. At the House of Courage in Cedar Hill, TX our Christian martial art is Shinaj Yuuki Ryu which is to say ~ Christian Courage where we also focuses on the spiritual side of the training. At the House of Courage we can put your child on track to an emotional, spiritual, and physically healthy future through Christian martial arts. Before you sign your child up for group sports or dance lessons, consider the benefits that karate can offer, and especially our Christian Martial Art System.

At the House of Courage we are concerned with all these things listed that can make your child better but we want to do it in how God wants us to be better people. So each belt test involves Bible scripture and community service hours needed. As they progress, the Bible scriptures will become more involved. Our goal is to be able to equip each student with the physical and spiritual armor needed in today’s world.

Christ Jitsu is the spiritual curriculum that we use for our bible study material. As the students make their way through this material they will learn God’s word from Genesis to Revelation. As they progress they will earn chevrons to put on their uniform. Through this material they will achieve their spiritual black belts.

  • Spiritual Growth: The ONLY meditation being taught in the House of Courage is on the Word of God. You will not find any type of eastern philosophy in our school whatsoever. We use Bible scriptures with each belt level along with serving others through required hours of community service without taking any kind of compensation. Being there for others is what we want to instill. We know that all martial arts can make people better but we want to do it according to how God wants us to be better people
  • Self-Discipline: Young children have a lot of energy and aren’t always sure how, when, or where to properly channel it. Martial arts instruction and training will teach your child self discipline which will ultimately help them channel their abundance of youthful energy. Many parents who enroll their children in programs like youth karate claim that their child listens more, follow directions better, and are more attentive to their daily responsibilities like chores and homework.
  • Confidence: Karate is full of challenges that requires hard work, determination, and practice. When your child is awarded a new rank or takes part in a tournament they will earn significant confidence. The confidence achieved through martial arts training will extend out into your child’s social life and set the foundation for successful social interactions throughout their life.
  • Respect: Martial arts practices are centered on respect for yourself, others, and the world around you and with Neshamat Elohim the importance of respect in karate is a valuable virtue that your child will learn and master. Often times the other sports can evoke an unhealthy sense of competition. Karate insists that individuals only compete with themselves and in doing so better themselves each day. Children who take karate cannot receive the next belt unless they have mastered it. The color of the belt only represents what they have learned.
  • Physical Fitness: Karate isn’t just a series of moves aimed towards self defense. Each of those moves are made possible by sticking to a strict yet healthy routine of exercises. That includes activities such as push-ups, sit-ups and many other cardiovascular exercises that will keep them challenged. Since martial arts do place an emphasis on physical fitness, your child will learn valuable lessons that will keep them healthy and fit for the rest of their lives.
  • Life Long Wellness: Karate and other forms of martial arts can be practiced well into adulthood. Involving your child in martial art disciplines at an early age can set the ground work for their future health and wellness practices. Since karate is based on a combination of mental and physical requirements, individuals of all ages can reap the benefits of this lifelong sport. Continual involvement in karate will only improve their skills and help them master this time honored discipline.

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